About the Author and Artist

THE AUTHOR: Janet Fix is zealous, word-shaping entrepreneur, who comes out from Jan with shirt detailsbehind the red pen to publish her first book, Ranch Hero. Now that she’s been bitten, she looks forward to sharing more stories with characters and plot lines sure to keep you off the beaten path.

A proud alumnus of the mighty Spongers of Tarpon Springs High School (FL) and the Bulls of the University of South Florida, where she earned her degree in speech communication, she currently lives in North Georgia, where there are lots of farms and farm pals.

artist_bio_pic 2THE ILLUSTRATOR: Children’s book illustrator, Linda Cowen, lives in a little cottage on the mountaintop of beautiful Mt. Mee in sunny Queensland, Australia. Surrounded by local cattle farms and visited frequently by a variety of Australian wildlife, Linda is blessed with the perfect environment in which her creativity can blossom to its fullest


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