About this Comical Series

RANCH HERO and RANCH HERO 2, comic book-style kid lit, has arrived . . . at a farm near you.  Or wherever.  

Ranch Hero Front Cover v.7Ranch Hero 2 Front Cover - FINAL

A uniquely styled children’s book series . . . with a comic book twist!

This is a tale of a very cool farm dog named Ziggy, who is drawn to save a squirrel from certain demise. In doing so, he sacrifices his own life . . . or does he? Through a chain of spine-tingling events, Ziggy discovers his true calling: Ranch Hero. This series reminds us that life is indeed a wonderful mystery and that maybe our guardian angels don’t always have wings.

PURCHASE INFO: Purchase the first two print books in the ongoing collection directly from this site! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE.

Both are also available in eBook format through most major online retailers, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Last but not least, feed us your comments . . . we’re hungry to hear what you think.  Leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.  You can contact the author by using the contact form below.

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