About this Comical Series

RANCH HERO and RANCH HERO 2, comic book-style kid lit, has arrived . . . at a farm near you.  Or wherever.  


RanchHero CvrArtt Ranch Hero 2 Front Cover - FINAL



A uniquely styled children’s book series . . . with a comic book twist!

This is a tale of a very cool farm dog named Ziggy, who is drawn to save a squirrel from certain demise. In doing so, he sacrifices his own life . . . or does he? Through a chain of spine-tingling events, Ziggy discovers his true calling: Ranch Hero. This series reminds us that life is indeed a wonderful mystery and that maybe our guardian angels don’t always have wings.


Last but not least, feed us your comments . . . we’re hungry to hear what you think.  Leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.  You can contact the author by using the contact form below.


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