Five-Star Review Has Us Howling with Delight!  FIVE STARS

ranchheroReviewed by Bil Howard for Readers’ FavoriteRanch Hero 2: Mooving Velma, written by Janet Green and illustrated by Linda Cowan, is an entertaining and imaginative tale about a super-dog named Ziggy who is the hero of Sneaky Creek Ranch. Ziggy gets to show off his super-hero skills to Lilli Lou, Bam Bam and Chubadoo when Velma the cow gets stuck in the mud of Sneaky Creek. Though farmer Max arrives on the scene with his tractor, he is unable to decide what to do and simply scratches his head. However, Ziggy keeps working the problem from every angle until he finds the right solution. To the delight of those who could see him, as well as those who could not, Ziggy springs into a plan of action. Will he again be able to continue to show why he is the Ranch Hero of Sneaky Creek Ranch?

This is a delightful and creative story that utilizes a wonderful skill for expressive and colorful illustrations by Linda Cowan, mixed with the awesome talent of Janet Green, for making a delightful tale come to life. The plot is simple, but brings a challenge to the hero, which, momentarily, seems impossible as farmer Max is only able to scratch his head and wonder what he should do. This story will draw a young child into it with wide-eyed wonder and the colorful illustrations will stir further imagination. All in all, this is a children’s picture book which was brilliantly designed and wonderfully written. It would be a great error to not have this in every child’s reading library.


Magnetic Personalities

BAM BAM has a special announcement!!

Bam Bam and his Magnetic Personality

Bam Bam and his Magnetic Personality

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BAM BAM will be watching . . . as he frolicks, of course!

Rain, Rain . . . Going Insane

Mom won’t let the pups run on the farm when it’s muddy . . . and it’s been raining for days!  Here’s a photo of Chubadoo, waiting it out, thinking:  “What’s so wrong with muddy paws?”

Not even Ziggy the Ranch Hero can help on this one!


Tickle Your Inner Bovine with Ranch Hero 2!

Ranch Hero 2 Front Cover - FINALDon’t miss the riveting second story in the Ranch Hero series.  New illustrator Linda Cowen from Queensland, Australia, takes this adventure to a whole new level of fun.

In this second book, two new characters are introduced:  Cousin Libbi Lou and Velma the Cow!

Sneaky Creek Ranch has never been safer now that Ziggy, the Ranch Hero, is around to keep an eye on things.  But with Velma the Cow stuck in the mud and the ever-present donkeys harassing the farm pals, Ziggy finds his angel work is never done.

Joined by his loyal farm pals on earth, Bam Bam and Chubadoo, and their cousin, Libbi Lou, the Ranch Hero solves this cow caper with muscle, intuition, and a lot of creativity.

And Velma gets the thrill of her life!

GOOD NEWS:  The costs to print the books have gone down (gasp!) and we can pass the savings on to you at a low BEE-U-TI-FUL print book price of $7.  To purchase direct through the publisher: Click here.  Also available on eBook at Amazon.


Ranch Hero :: Kid Lit with a Comic Book Twist

Ranch Hero, comic book-style kid lit, has arrived . . . at a farm near you.  Or wherever.  

Purchase directly from the Farm Pals’ publisher,  HERE

Or at Amazon in ebook or paperback, HERE.

This is a tale of a very cool farm dog named Ziggy, who is drawn to save a squirrel from certain demise. In doing so, he sacrifices his own life . . . or does he? Through a chain of spine-tingling events, Ziggy discovers his true calling: Ranch Hero. This book reminds us that life is indeed a wonderful mystery and that maybe our guardian angels don’t always have wings.

Feed us your comments . . . we’re anxious to hear what you think.  You can contact the author HERE.